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Above are my three musketeers that you also need to invest in if you are planning a ski trip. There's only one thing I don't enjoy about skiing, and that's how I always manage to look totally gross the whole time I'm away. I mean, when was sweaty helmet hair, chapped lips and frost bitten skin ever a cute look? The fact I'm sat writing this post with an intense face mask on, 3 days after my holiday says enough.

I wanted to share 3 not so secret, secrets with you. How to be kind to your skin and look ~kinda~ ok on the slopes.

Not so secret, secret number 1. 

SPF Moisturiser. This is THE number one product you need. SPF is simply a VITAL situation for skiing. Trust me, I have seen numerous lobster-esque looking faces out on the mountains and just take it from me, it isn't a look.

I would suggest you really need a minimum of 30 SPF. People always seem to mix up skiing and sun. Like I totally get that it sounds like an equation thats sounds like 1+1=5 but TRUST ME HERE GUYS - the moisturiser will smooth your skin after a windy day on your ski's and the SPF will protect your skin. This Simple Moisturiser is only 15 SPF but I doubled up with a dab of suncream on the end of my nose and cheek bones. It's also the perfect travel size and you can always trust a Simple product to work wonders.


An SPF lip balm should be the second product you reach for. It's something I carry all day every day when I'm skiing. This Palmer's lip butter is small and compact and generally does a good job. It also smells of cocoa butter, which for me is always a winner.

The final product is definitely a luxury option rather than a necessity. However, for me, I like to have the option to put some make up on and not having it smeared across my face by the end of the day. I love the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara so I picked up a waterproof version for my holiday. Trust me, when I say it's waterproof, I was scrubbing for a good 20 mins before bedtime. 
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