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I am currently writing this post as I am about to undo the packaging into this mask. Right now I'm not sure how I feel about these. I've always wondered how a soggy looking tissue that (let's be honest) looks absolutely terrifying and like something out of Doctor Who manages to somehow change the complexion of our skin and make us look oh so much younger and more hydrated, however, I am about to put Garnier's Moisture Bomb to the test and find out!

After 15 minutes of using this mask, it claims that 'skin feels intensely hydrated', 'skin appears rebalanced' and 'skin looks clearer'. It also offers even better results if you use 3 of these masks over the period of a week.

I'm usually very sceptical about skin care and all the 'benefits' they promise. I keep mine down to simple and easy practices. I take my make up off before bed, use a moisturiser with added SPF and try to steer clear from any harsh chemicals. Every so often I use a face mask if my skin is screaming for some extra TLC, however, I don't live by any mega rules or regulations in terms of skincare; I go with the flow and listen to what my skin wants. In some cases, I feel like the more products and scrubs and washes you use on your skin, the worse and more irritated it becomes.

Here are my results after 15 minutes of using this mask:

Initially straight after removing the mask, my face felt pretty greasy as there was a lot of the serum left from the mask on my face. The instructions advise to massage the remainder into your skin. I checked out my complexion after working the excess product in and the light redness I have in my cheeks naturally, seems to have really balanced out nicely. 

My skin feels fairly tight, but not dehydrated tight, more like when you have piled a lot of product on your face and it feels heavy. Usually I have quite dry skin that craves a moisturiser as soon as I've removed make up, however, my skin feels really quenched and rehydrated.

My boyfriends first thoughts were that my skin looked 'shiny'. I'm not sure if that is a compliment or not? However, this mask claims to mattify the skin and reduce pore size. I'm going to review this in the morning once the remainder of the serum has sunk into my skin and allowed the product to really work. 

So far, I'm enjoying how rehydrated my skin feels but not how sticky the residue of the serum is.

Here are my results the morning after using this mask:

The morning after using the mask my skin felt divine; super soft and healthy. Over night the left over serum had really worked it's magic and left my complexion looking even. Any rough or dry patches were smooth and redness had reduced too. 

I would definitely recommend this tissue mask. I would suggest to put it on before bed so it really has time to work and sink in. I'm excited to try some of the different masks in the range and will let you know my thoughts in future posts. 

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