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If you're anything like me, you probably spend more time thinking about the best way to be productive and getting on with general life things than actually doing. I've always struggled with fitting everything I want into my day and find myself sat around making endless 'to do' lists and scheduling my life to a time frame.

Let's be honest - there is no real balance to life, but we can all try. 

Towards the end of 2017, I realised I was swiftly becoming that person to start something, stop something, want something but manage to talk my way out of it, and have a life where every tomorrow looked like every yesterday. I realised there is more to life than reality TV (I still love you towie!) and that I needed to start having actual real life things going on; I also decided that 2018 was going to be the year I start actually doing these things. 

January 1st hit, yep New Year's day and I was in the gym. For the first time in months I was at the gym and instead of thinking 'is my bum perky now?' after 3 squats or 'have I lost an inch or two on my waist yet?' after 10 minutes on the cross trainer, and swiftly deciding the gym was not for me who yearned for long term fixes in the shortest time possible - I decided to (try) and actually enjoy the gym. We are now middle of March and I'm still at the gym every week and it's completely changed my attitude to life in general. I'm more productive, have a more positive attitude to not only life, but myself. I've gained confidence and since this have started saying yes to more of my crazy ideas that have just been thoughts for so long. 

I don't want this post to be about going to the gym and talking about the ways I keep fit or whatever, just about finding your way to balance out those unbalanced thoughts. For me, the gym keeps my mind in great shape, more than my actual body. It makes me say yes to far more and gets me excited about spontaneous things and ideas. I used to blog for about 2 years but stopped for ages and since then, all I've ever wanted to do was start again but I let every excuse in the book stop me. There are often little negative thoughts that creep in and yes, there are days that I do just sit and binge watch reality TV, but in general I have seen such a change in the way my mind functions. 

As much as I've talked about the gym being the means to my positive mind set - it actually starts with the mind set. You need to be at the right point to make a change, for something that could potentially change the way you live your life. For me, keeping busy and having things to do keeps my mind active and healthy. This may sound hectic but for me, it allows me to be at ease with myself and actually feel slightly more balanced.